Many High Wycombe residents have been negatively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns, including financial, social, and mental health impacts. Creating connected and more  friendly streets is one way we can better support those in our community. 

The support from local residents through High Wycombe Mutual Aid during the COVID-19 pandemic has been hugely encouraging. While we will continue to pair those self-isolating with a volunteer, we would like to further harness volunteer efforts with our new project, Wycombe Street Associations Network.

Through this project we would like to:

  • Bring together local residents who want to make their community stronger, friendlier and more supportive.
  • Inform and help Wycombe residents to access the support they need. 

Our network will be made up of Street Reps, these are local residents who want to further support their neighbours.

What is a Street Rep’s Role?

  • To become a point of contact for their road, flat block or close, or part of their road.
  • To connect with your neighbours and look out for each other.
  • To help direct those needing support to appropriate services and community groups.
  • To raise awareness of topics that are relevant to Wycombe residents

What is High Wycombe Mutual Aid’s role?

To engage, encourage and support Street Reps by:

  • Providing tools and resources to help Street Reps support their neighbours
  • Linking Street Reps with training opportunities from Buckinghamshire Council (including topics on mental health, scams and crimes).

Click here to view commonly asked questions about being a Street Rep.

Interested in getting involved? 

Get in contact with us by emailing wycombestreetreps@gmail.com 

If you would like to become a Street Rep, please complete the form below: